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My name is Anne van Amsterdam. I write under a pseudonym. The reason for this is that, in my opinion, a book should be judged on its content and not on the character of the author. That is not to say I'am not interested in the motives and lives of writers. If my work proves successful, I hereby promise that I will tell more about myself.

On this site there are stories about romance and relationships in a broad sense. The stories are about passion as the engine of romance, but also about conflicts, adultery, boredom and other troubles that may plague lovers.

Under Anne van Amsterdam are stories by my hand. On the Guest Writers Page (Gastschrijvers), you'll find books, stories, and poems by writers who focus on the same theme as me.  At this moment they are not yet translated into English. However, English-speaking writers are cordially invited to submit their work.

Many romantic stories end with the promising first kiss. Writers as Julian Barnes and Isaac Bashevis Singer, have written wonderfull books about what happens next. These and other immersive books can be found at the Page Recommended Books.

Reviews encourage readers to read books and are therefore indispensable for writers. Check Reviews (Recensies) and News (Nieuws en Nieuwtjes) for reviews and information about books on this site.

I would like to invite literary contacts and advertisers to place their products on the page literaire contacten en adverteerders. On the Page Romance in perspective you can find my blogs about the many manifestations of romance and literary seduction.  

The last Page, In Search of Love (Op zoek naar Liefde) is dedicated to Hannah Huis' monthly stories about her dating troubles. 

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