Eli Montlake (1923-1992)

Anne van Amsterdam 

The wrong woman


Palmslag, first print September 2021, second print June 2022





The obese Maria tries at all costs to arouse the desire of her partner Eduard. He has trouble tying himself and his preference type has ideal sizes. She is a charming woman, intelligent and ambitious, but insecure about Eduard. For fear of losing him, she chooses an unorthodox solution.

Her early, sudden death triggers feelings of guilt in her friends and confronts them with their own unfulfilled desires. Edward has always fought for his freedom and wonders why he misses her. Her college friend Agnes thinks back to Maria’s support as she processed her unwanted childlessness. The beautiful Karen owes her job to Maria and is in love with her.

The reader discovers that Maria is not honest about her actions. There are painful secrets and unexpected events threaten to make them public.

In the three days that this book covers, it is described how her friends end up on a roller coaster in which they have to redefine their own lives and their position opposite each other.

Short stories

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