Recommended Books

Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice 

Because in this classic love novel the dependent (financial) position of women is poignant


Julian Barnes - The sense of an ending 

Because it is beautifully written


Julian Barnes - The only story 

Because tennis, an impossible love, and alcoholism give an unexpected twist to the story


Paolo Coelho - The alchemist 

Because it is so sweet-romantic


Julio Cortázar & Carol Dunlop: Autonauts of the Cosmoroute (translated by Anne McLean)

Because the great love between Julio and Carol becomes clear from a thousands daily things


Gabriel García Marquez - Love in the Time of Cholera

Because it makes the tears jump into your eyes


Ian McEwan - On Chesil Beach 

Because it is so heartbreaking


Ian McEwan - Lessons

Because McEwan shows that no one can avoid constructing a self-created hell at least once in their life


Haruki Murakami - Norwegian Wood

Because this sensual story of an unfulfilled love is so palpable


Haruki Murakami: 1q84 (all three volumes)

Because the question "Will Aomame and Tengo get each other?" is becoming more and more pressing


Boris Pasternak: Doctor Zhivago 

Because in the tragic love between Zhivago and Lara, Pasternak provides insight into how a regime restricts individual freedom


Marcel Proust - In Search of Lost Time Vol. 1: The Way by Swann (translated into English by Lydia Davis) 

Because the intense desire for an unreliable loved one is described so recognizable


James SalterLight Years 

Because it is hypnotic and confronting


Meir Shalev  - Two She-Bears: a novel (translated into English by Stuart Schoffman)

Because no one can give love such a natural place in life as Meir Shalev


Isaac Bashevis Singer - Enemies, a Love Story 

Because Singer evokes a world in a few sentences


Tom Spanbauer - The man who fell in love with the moon

Because it is original and so surprisingly loving


Jan Wolkers - Turkish Delight (translated into English by Sam Garret)

Because love, lust and suffering are passionately described

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