Attractive Book Characters

Published on 16 March 2023 at 11:38

What draws the reader to a character?

To answer this question, I googled and also asked artificial intelligence ( for a response.

I came across the following nine features:


  1. Complexity: Good characters tend to be complex and have multiple layers and aspects to their personality. For example, they have strengths and weaknesses, conflicting motives or emotions, and personal conflicts.
  2. Similarity: The best characters are often recognizable to the readers. This may be because the characters have similarities with the readers, such as shared experiences or emotions, or because the characters express something about the human experience that is universal.
  3. Consistency: Good characters act and speak consistently with their personality, motivations, and experiences. The characters will not just act out-of-character without any motivation.
  4. Dynamics: Characters that grow and change throughout the story are often more engaging for readers. This may mean, for example, that they develop or adapt to the situations they find themselves in.
  5. Relevance: Good characters are relevant to the story. They contribute to the plot or themes of the book and have a purpose in the story.
  6. Empathy: A good character evokes empathy in the reader and evokes emotions. They can help readers become more immersed in the story and feel connected to the events and the other characters.
  7. Authenticity: Attractive characters feel real and authentic. They have human flaws and qualities, and their actions and thoughts are understandable and believable.
  8. Humor: A character who is funny can be very attractive to readers.
  9. Charisma: Some characters have a certain appeal that draws readers to them. This could be because of their personality, their appearance or the way they behave.


All things considered, these nine characteristics are also the characteristics that can make people feel attracted to another, a living person. In short, you could say that a fascinating character in a book should be 'lifelike and charismatic'. Application of the nine characteristics above can help a writer create such a character.

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