Tips for Seductive writing

Published on 26 December 2023 at 17:53

Openai mentions six writing techniques (tips) for seductive writing:

  1. Attractive imagery: Enticing writers use imagery to create a visual and tangible atmosphere.
  2. Sensuality: Seductive writing uses sensual language to excite the reader.
  3. Teasing: Enticing writing keeps the reader on the edge of their seat by tantalizing and teasing them more and more.
  4. Questioning Techniques: Enticing writing uses questions to keep the reader curious and engaged.
  5. Increase suspense: Enticing writing creates suspense by leaving the reader in uncertainty about what is about to happen.
  6. Personal Connection: Enticing writing seeks to build a personal connection with the reader by describing emotions and feelings.

Most of the techniques are self-explanatory, but what is sensual writing and teasing?

On the internet I discovered that 'sensual' and 'erotic' are interchangeable terms. Sensual language is associated with pungent, lusty, sensuous, sultry and erotic. Ambiguities are important here, for example 'The hottest slice'. If you want to know more about this, read Ton den Boon's The language of love, literary dictionary of sex and eroticism (

After this I started to delve into 'teasing'. Teasing is recommended by Mannenbrein ( as an effective way to seduce a man. A few pieces of advice: challenge him, suggest he's bad for you, tell him how important he is to you, accuse him of flirting, nickname him, emphasize your differences. In short: the old-fashioned attracting and repelling. Attractiongym focuses on men: give a compliment wrapped in a light insult and play hard to get, make sure women get the feeling that you are slightly above them. And this from the motto: Women don't want to be the best, women want to be with the best ( Is this what women want? I wonder. 

However, because this blog is about seductive writing, I will continue on this theme. So, ambiguities and attraction and repulsion seem to be important. Although I suspect that openai has focused my question about seductive writing techniques a little too much on erotic stories, I recognize the 'ambiguities' from my previous blog Literary Seduction . My advice remains: use vague words in an ambiguous but clearly written context.

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